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Android tv boxes

This is a world of modern technology, as science is making more and more advancements our lives are getting easier. In the old times, there were limited programs broadcasted on the TV and there were no colours on the TV Screen. Then colour TVs came in the market but there were many disadvantages of watching those TV Screens too much, it can affect your eyesight. After some time, a new technology was introduced as Liquid Crystal Display which has minimised this issue in TV. Similar to this the latest Technology is Android TV Box. These TV Boxes are similar to your smartphones because it uses the android technology in it.

Advantages of Android TV Box

Android is a most famous operating system in the smartphones, it comes with many features and advantages. Just imagine now you can have all those features on your TV as well, now you can install or uninstall all your favourite applications and games on your TV as well. Unlike those traditional LCDs and LEDs, these TV Boxes are the new generation of this technology. You can Buy Android TV Box from the market and the online stores. Android TV Box Australia is the latest in this field as well. With this Smart TV Box Australia introduces many new features, unlike your old TVs. In this TV Box Australia introduces the features like Education and entertainment for you.

Obviously, you love many of your android games on your smartphones and now you want to enjoy them on the big screens then these TV Boxes has a Built-in sensor due to which you can enjoy playing your games on the Android TV Box as well. These TV Boxes comes with enough memory that you can easily store enough applications and games in it and unlike your smartphones, these TV Boxes do not get hanged and you can play many games without any problem.

Another marvellous feature of Android TV Box is that you can enjoy web browsing and it supports your USB drive as well because it is just similar to your android tablets but in a large display. In short, it has a touch display due to which you can enjoy your apps and web surfing as well. This will be the best investment for those who wants to get most from their TVs and want to entertain themselves with these TV Boxes. Not only this in the remote control of Android TV Box there the function to control each and every feature of this TV, now just sit back on your sofa and have all the Android features in your hand.

This TV now has the ability to support 1080p of the videos unlike those traditional TVs, now watch all the videos and movies in high definition and get the feeling of the 3D cinema at your home. Whatever is the resolution of the video or movie is it will play smoothly on these TV Boxes. Just attach the USB Drive with these TV Boxes and play every video in your local storage or if you are bored of watching the same old videos and movies then just stream them from YouTube or daily motion and have the endless fun. There is a lot of stuff to do on these TVs, you can share any video or photo or any other document to any of your friend or family members while just sitting in your living room.

Now you do not have to keep your smartphones in your hand all the time, due to these TV Boxes you can now spend time with your family in the evenings instead of just sitting in your bedroom stuck to your phones. Now it is not important that you have to watch just the same shows which will be broadcasted on the channels or it is not necessary that you have to watch the only channels which are broadcasted in your homeland. With these TV Boxes now just stream online any channel throughout the world and have the endless fun of watching different shows every day. These TV Boxes also comes with the features of HDMI which mean ultra-high resolution videos can be played or you do not need to buy the separate LEDs with your consoles to enjoy the high-resolution games, just connect your consoles with this Android TV Box and start to enjoy your games.

To setup these TV Boxes is not complex or tough now, you just require its stand or clip to be attached to the wall of your living room and then all you need to do is to connect it with the power source, then attach the cable to the TV to watch your channels and shows from your country and if you want them to be in high resolution then just attach an HDMI port with it and have the endless fun now. Moreover, if you want to avail all the features then simply connect it to the Wi-Fi in your home and enjoy the wide world of internet on your TV. As you all have known now that these TVs run on the Android operating system so you can connect it with your smartphone as well via Bluetooth and transfer all you favourite pictures, videos, applications, games and movies from your smartphone to your Android TV box.

With so many features in these TV Boxes for sure, you would like to buy one for your home, as for smartphones if they are used too much then after some time they will start to heat up which causes a kind of irritation in your hands but still do not want to leave your smartphone. With these TV Boxes in your home, you do not have to leave the fun you were having on your smartphones because all of those features are now on this Android TV Box. These TV Boxes are easily available in the market and on the online stores, all you need to do is to order them from your home and it will be delivered there.